Streaming on Twitch tv

Out of thousands of people on twitch, just a few actually make it to the big leagues. Setting up for a channel and actually performing are two very different things.
Who said that gaming is easy didn't try to do it while speaking to their audience.
Imagine someone bugging you while you were gaming... but constantly. Streaming on twitch tv is hard as is, considering that you need a top of the line pc just for the streaming part, a good microphone and a decent enough camera.
twitch tv says that you can easily start streaming, but they don't mention how complicated it is to keep on doing it.
For starters, in order to grow a channel, you have to constantly keep on streaming. You can't just play games when you feel like it, you must be there daily.
I usually play some online game to relax after a hard days work, but on twitch tv, that's when the hard part actually starts.
Another reason why I personally admire twitch tv streamers is that they actually do 2 jobs in 1. First of all, you need to be a content creator, a streamer, and secondly you must be a decent gamer.
Both are hard jobs to pull off.