Streaming on chaturbate

We all saw chaturbate or white labels of that site. There is no doubt that its one of the biggest sites out there.
The competition is unbelievable since the money can be great. Where do you think the models there come up with such great ways to entertain tens of thousands of members each day every day.
I'm going to break it down for you here and now. The history of chaturbate is shrouded in mistery because its not the first free to chat website. Myfreecams was first to the party years before. However, MFC was a little strict in a way you won't belive. Models couldn't sell videos directly on the platform, but most of all, they were not allowed to have male companions.
chaturbate took advantage of that great void and grew on the freedom to bring males on the platform in every way.
Also, models could stream on the site without even being verified, with the exception of not being allowed to be naked.

Regarding rules...the less rules you have, the harder it is to keep up with peoples imagination. chaturbate didn't stop streamers to be imaginative. And thats how it became what it is today.