The great pc gaming world

Its hard to imagine a world without pc gaming. But did you know that most trends steer away from it to console and mobile gaming?
Even though it sounds like a falsehood, pc gaming isn't as easy as one must think...
Can you guess why?

Don't worry, its not a mystery article and I will try to illuminate you.
Its all related to money or income.

pc gaming is first of all expensive. With the prices for GPUs being what they are, its really expensive to get into.
However everybody has a phone. So companies who want to sell or make income off a game are more inclined to build for a wider audience.

Phone development is really cheap compared to pc gaming development. Meaning that more and more games get developed for mobile. This makes for a larger competition which in turn means better quality games for most users.

Its a real tragedy for old timers like me, but pc gaming is slowly dieing.