Is Microsoft Xbox best suited for gaming?

Most gaming console purists consider xbox as being the only platform to do real gaming.
True or false?

As we all know, there is an ongoing battle between xbox and playstation. However, the truth is not that simple. Mobile devices can stream to a tv in real time with great framerates and pc gaming is also a great way to go.
So what gives? Why the battle?
The problem is mostly psychological. When you spend enough money on gaming, you need to justify it to yourself.
Common sense dictates that if you are gaming you're doing it for pleasure. And a selfish one at that, if you think about it hard enough. People don't feel good about themselves if they think of the time spent in front of a computer or tv screen for hours on end without having anything palpable to show for it.
Thus, most people will say they relax and xbox is the only way to do it.
It's the same as when you brag to your friends about your dentist. He will always be the painless one.